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A broader view of complex business and technology risks in global and local markets.

Good management practices are critical to ensure safety on our roads and in the air. Adopting systems-thinking to address risks and deliver high quality, person-centred care. Topic Other sectors Nine principles of sustainable ocean practices The ocean offers a new economic frontier.

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Article Maritime Open Simulation Platform An ecosystem for collaborative digital twin simulations that will enable virtual exploration of solutions for designing, commissioning, operating and assuring complex, integrated systems. Topic Power and renewables Digitalization and the future of energy An industry study that goes beyond the hype: find out how to create value by combining digital technology, people and business strategy Topic Oil and gas Wind-powered water injection Can wind really work for oil, and vice versa?

Article Other sectors Data science and machine learning in an industrial context Why many projects still fall short of expectations and how to overcome the barriers for harnessing the value of data.

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Vacant positions Video: meet our people. Find your industry sector. Ian Hutchinson MIT. Andrews John Lennox Oxford University et.

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View All. Am I more than my genes?

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Success Explore success, failure, and the human need for purpose. Featured Videos Featured Playlists. Science Cutting edge content from presenters at the forefront of their fields in the sciences.

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Pluralism Question your assumptions about truth in a pluralistic world. Race Explore the complex interface of race, faith and identity. Reason Explore the historic and contemporary connections between faith and reason.

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