The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)

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I find your writing to be refreshingly direct and succinct. Thanks for synthesizing so accessibly. You hit the mark on my goal for these guides: to synthesize complex psychological ideas into accessible and practical methods. There is no Spiritual Awakening. Awareness Witness to Self IS. All else is unreal. The Witness observes both Simultaneously and is a part of neither. Awareness is Complete and Non Existence. Nothing else exists. And then you would need to ask yourself: Who read this article? And who wrote your comment about there being no spiritual awakening?

It appears you have fallen into the trap of misinterpreting the message of nonduality. The nondual must by definition include the dual. And it is this experiencer that awakens by stripping away the layers of its programming. But if all that were literally true, we would all already know this.

And if nothing exists or is truly real except awareness, and the latter is non existence, then this solely real thing does not exist either. And this is still a form of dualism or multiplicity — i. Awareness Witness to Self versus literally anything else. It fails on its own terms. I found this extremely helpful thanks! Except for the comments about eating animals being a form of cannibalism. If all that exist are One, then no matter what we consume we are cannibalizing Our Self.

Who are we to say that plants and minerals have no feelings and memories. The extremity of your statement regarding eating animal products however reveals prejudice rather than enlightenment. Just wanted to help you see that because I do believe you are blind to it. I simply stated that we are assimilating the consciousness of what we consume. To say the consciousness of a cow and the consciousness is the dandelion are the same is simply a mistake.

If you had the sensitivity to feel the consciousness of what you consume, the error in your statements becomes apparent. Yes I agree that this is a question of ideology, perhaps that is why the reference to the complete aversion to animals and animal products as a sign of spiritual awakening truly had a different vibration to me.

I found this entire thread extremely beneficial and useful and it resonated with me except this one idea. Not to say the Vegan ideology is in any way inferior, it is beautiful! Agriculture, mathematics, language, will never be the same to me now! It is possible to take the life of an animal while honoring it and its gift of life to those it will sustain.

It is a solemn act heavily laden with layers of meaning. It is entirely possible to be on the path while being an omnivore. This stood out to me loudly, honestly!

5 Ways to Awaken Your Hidden Power

Loud enough that I posted a comment which I never do lol. Time and experience have taught me to put little stock in ideologies of any kind.

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Our mind can confirm whatever ideology we align with. Veganism as an ideology would be the same. But when you develop the sensitivity to feel how we assimilate take on the consciousness of the animals we consume, you may find it difficult to make the statements you have made and hold to those beliefs. I have always been riveted by the puzzle of truth.

Define truth. Is there absolute truth, or is all truth subjective. Can anything we perceive as Truth on this plane be anything but subjective? Do we make our own truth simply by the utter conviction we experience? If we believe a thing so completely, does it not manifest itself in our lives?

I have no doubt that you experience energetic sensitivity in the way you described, and I really do find it interesting! I come from a long line of hunters, and farmers. I believe in the symbiotic, cooperative dynamic between man and nature. I eat lots, and LOTS of eggs. They are eggs from happy, healthy, free roaming, pampered chickens. I mean pampered lol, plus they are protected from the raccoons and coyotes, we provide that for them. And oyster shells and worms that they eat like ice cream.

And dirt baths for the bugs. We only have hens, we do not slaughter them. They provide us with delicious protein rich healthy eggs. There are sooo many other examples of healthy and happy relationships with animals. It is civilization turned malignant, that created the exploitative slavery and misery our poor little friends experience now. This does not have to be, and is not always, the case.

In terms of truth, if you examine it from the lens of the Three Jewels in Buddhism , you have the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. The Buddha represents a direct subjective experience. The Dharma is the teachings, philosophy, or injunction method. Sangha is a community of others to verify the experience. Go at least 90 days without eating any meat including eggs. Then, eat whatever meat you want, but with your heightened awareness. This may be the only way to test if what I and many others are suggesting to be true.

Then, kill it and prepared. This may also reveal a similar experience. But ultimately, changing these patterns and even testing them with an open mind is no small feat. The conditioning of our beliefs is deeply rooted. This is a very interesting discussion. I believe my journey of self-realization which I am still on , started with a simple interaction with a cat that my wife got a few years ago.

The Answers Are Within You

I was never a fan of cats. One thing lead to another, I became a vegetarian, then a vegan, which was followed by feelings of nihilism. I found myself becoming apathetic towards humans, while still connecting with animals on a deeper level. We now have 4 cats in our apartment and I am actively getting more involved in animals rights activism. I fear I have overstayed my welcome lol, truly it is against my nature to ever be more than a fly on the wall of any given room at any given moment.

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  • I would like to leave you with this urging. He provides it free on line, he is a true human being and pilgrim in this dark world. I also lament that we will not be any time soon, donning loin cloths and dancing around the campfire ululating. I lament this loss!!!! If that book taught me anything, it was that primeval, primitive man was anything but primitive. And that living off the land, including animals, in their nomadic foraging state was the end all be all bees knees human existence.

    Ooooh woe to man, in his lofty endeavors. In his pride and arrogance, he lost his soul. He gained nothing. Peace tou ALL my brothers and sisters! So acceptance, if used too early in the process does become a spiritual bypass. First, we have to develop an orientation towards our real personality where we can actually see our shadow developing consciousness. Then, acceptance and allowing can come into play. Thank you so much for this article. At times I felt like I was losing my mind, but it seemed like the more I followed the inner pull the more stable and peaceful I felt.

    I now trust it completely without knowing why. Until now. I was drawn to your article and read with a shock of recognition each of the points raised to varying degrees. Thanks for sharing your experience, Kirsty. Great article such a pity you had to get on your vegan soapbox and lecture us omnivores about the sins of eating meat when it is the most natural thing a human can do this is after all a human experience. Being awakened is about acceptance I am awakened and am able to master my inner world yet I love eating meat but I also love animals its called duality try telling a tiger not to eat a deer tigers are spiritual beings also.

    Veganism, like any -ism, is a political agenda that does create yet another polarization. This issue comes down to energetic sensitivity. If you reach the sensitivity to feel the consciousness of the animal you consume, you likely will lose your drive to consume them. Thank you for this wonderful article. I feel way different now. I know that i can learn more and this article helped me a lot. Hello, I am more aware of my feelings and thoughts. And the words others speak. I am more emotional crying a lot especially when listening to some music,do not care anymore or get angry when someone says something bad to me.

    Connecting the missing pieces brings the puzzle all together! Hi Scott , I totally enjoyed reading your article and want to learn more , i am needing guidance, would love to know where I can go to read more of your stuff. I have experienced all the traps and am experiencing the 10 signs at the present and one bonified miracle I have photographic evidence for those who will accept it ….

    I sent it to a friend today who expressed his interest in the subject of the Awakening. Yes, Cecil. It seems like these traps are part of most of our journeys. Thank you for sharing the website with a friend. I learned a lot especially about the difference between the ego and the spirit and being religious and spiritual. I will share your website to my children, friends and co-workers. I am actually going on the right path and my intuition has gotten me to this. I am so grateful to have found you and in the right moment when I have been doubting myself now for few weeks.

    Its been happening for the past few weeks. Feel lighter and more in tune of things, calmer feel and reflect more. Better control of emotions too especially bringing about patience and calmness. Very good and concise yet informative article. I choose to be vegan on certain days, mostly light on meat consumption. Fast on certain days. Thank you all. Does anyone or can anyone give a viewpoint on The Law of One? We communicate now. We are not those of the Love or of the Light.

    We are those who are of The Law of One. In our vibration our polarities are harmonized, the complexities are simplified and the paradoxes have their solution. We are One. John, that all sounds like cryptic nonsense to me — the language of the Trickster archetype designed to confuse people and take them further away from their center, from the here and now. Thank you very much for this informative article for it have successfully cleared most of my confusion. I am just concerned about this one thing that have been making my heart guilty ever since I started changing.

    Hi Aljema, I sincerely think that if wanting to be good and nice to others produces a good feeling, something like joy because we see the effect of our actions, that is only a great feeling, though we might unconsciously want to receive similar treatment in return and that is only natural and good, as long as we do not feel angry or worse if we do not get same treatment from others, but rather we reflect on the whole thing.

    I know, it is funny , but I will continue my self development, I hope and I encourage you to do the same. You will likely feel differently than you describe as you get to better know your shadow. Until then, you will likely assume you are doing good while remaining unconscious to your true motives and feelings. Yes, you are correct.

    To truly be kind, you have to get to know your shadow first. Before that, most so-called positive emotions are fake. Just watch how people pictures of themselves for social media.

    They smile for the camera and then the frown returns. Wanting to be liked is intrinsic to a specific stage of ego development. As you individuate, this drive will lessen. Hello again! Thank you very much for the reply. Thank you again, and may God bless all of us.

    I found this very informative and helpful. I hoped for more on the difference between spiritual and psychic awakening. I also wonder if we are more open to evil attacts while going thru a awakening and does the awakening end, if so how do u know its over? Is our awakening just the beginning to becoming our higher self and from there does it just evolve til we die?

    Thank u for the article, its very insightful and appreciated. Astral travel would be one example of this. Your Higher Self already is what it is. Resistance has proven futile. My awakening to what may be starts and stops with a regularity that has me either crying at the enormity of it or digging my heels in, in a fit of childish pique. Your words have allowed some light to seep in under the door. Thank you. I now know that if spiritual awakening was akin to full body immersion in a warm body of water, I definitely have my big toe submerged. But it does often start with the big toe …. Scott, about locating authority within oneself.

    Contrary to popular belief, the principles in the Sermon on the Mount are much harder than the Law of Moses though keeping that would be a challenge alone to the point that many would dismiss the former as impractical. My comments in the guide about religion are well-documented in the works of Jung, Campbell, Wilber, and many others. Too much to go into here. I can almost see my path from now to where I came from with clarity. I know I have a long journey ahead of me but distance and time do not operate within the same realm of existence.

    Knowing that is important — I feel. Hi Meli, emotions are mainly only useful when you come to understand their source — that is, the original experiences where these emotions were evoked. Most of the time, our emotions are reactions from the past. Clarify comes when we connect the emotion with the original event and come to terms with it. The most appropriate blog I have read so far about spiritual awakening. I never went through spiritual traps because I read in psychology that everyone lives their adult life with the child they were brought up as.

    So most people are going through difficulties of life without ever paying attention to it.

    Wayne Dyer - Freedom to be Yourself

    Moreover even one sad or discontent being on the planet, no one will be truly happy. The bundled DVD lets readers directly experience the insights of this important modern mystic. Innocence is Power. Jesus the Only Forgotten Son of. Religiousness Is Rebellion. Enlightened Organization Is Organic Harmony. The Distillation of Rebellious Spirits. The fear that you feel is your ego trying to take back control, because it knows that it is dying. It actually feels like dying.

    And just when you feel that your life slips away, that there is no turning back, just when you let it happen — let all the concept of yourself to slip away, only then your ego is conquered. Fear stems from the control of the ego.

    10 Powerful Ways to Raise your Consciousness

    You are fighting with it. Your ego is fighting with you because it wants to stay alive and be in control. Hei guys, it feels so lovely knowing that I am not alone! I have had an awakening for about 5 month ago, and since then fear and anxiety have really taken over, so many questions about what should I do now? Should I leave everyone I care for and my job, become a munk. But the more I relax into it the more I see that the decision is mine. I want to marry my twin flame who has brought such tremendous help and support I want to live a life a giving, and sharing!!

    I would love to get in touch with you guys!! My mail is mikaelbirger gmail. I love you all endlessly!! I wanted to let you know that Sounds True has launched a new weekly teaching series from Adyashanti! Thanks for the great page. It makes me wonder if I imagined the last two yrs. Has anyone else experienced many months of shutting out the world and spending every available minute in study, prayer, and meditation for the sake of the journey? I did that, because it seemed like the most important thing I could do for myself.

    Hi Tammy, I feel actually the same as you describe. I am alone now and find it very difficult to relate to family. I am from USA but moved to Thailand almost two years ago. I sure would like to talk to you and see what you think. Hey Tammy, thank you for the post. I am pretty much on a very similar track to yours! But now again I am in so much terror that I wonder how to simply live my life as my health is deteriorating. My Kundalini is like a brutal jet fuel surging and burning everything and I question myself like you.

    Tammy, I felt the same way a few years back. I felt like I was so close to enlightenment and I was truly feeling and sensing the world and all its living things around me and through me. I nearly crossed over to astral projection a few times on meditation, but got scared and woke myself back up to consciousness. Then I met who I thought to me my twin flame — but he ended up being a negative energy of all my radiant qualities. He was spiritual and seemed to be more connected to Divine and Spirit than I was. I thought we were going to do amazing things, he as my teacher to a gateway of subconsciousness and me a helping body of light to alleviate the suffering he experienced in this world.

    I learned now that he was a false twin, sort of a last karmic soul experience I had to go through to realize I was one with myself and all creation, and I did not need a teacher to find it. He was all my negative energy reflected back at me, what I could be, had I been nothing but shadow. In fact, I was in the city of Sin — Las Vegas — when my true mirror soul happened to collide with me.

    Waking Up the World

    Call it divine timing! There were other things that happened the past few months leading up to that point, but the instant recognition of myself in the body of another caused me to have a profound realization that we are not alone. And if you are feeling lonely, then maybe it is getting closer to the time when you will find that one other vibrational soul that is a mirror image of your own, who will help awaken you as you help awaken them, as you are but the same. And I thought I had experienced it before. I hope you all experience this moment, because I am all of you and I am calling you home.

    Tammy and Bill, you are not alone. I have been looking for my brothers and sisters. I would love to share with both of you. Nowadays I feel lost, lonely and confused.. Miche, that is how i feel as well. I am ever so grateful to have a job that pays me decent money so i can care for my daughter, but i just cant help but feel that this life style is not life. I have a full time job, but the energy and structured routine behind it all causes me anxiety. I just feel like im stuck in a hamster wheel. I dont feel like i belong here. Unfortunately, the way the world or at least the silicon valley has been conditioned, its a bit harder to make the moves you want without being late on your bills.

    I forgot to mention, that I for the last 16 years have been into Tibetan buddhism, which metods I have practiced. What we found can not be hidden. It is the foundation for the new human reality, and should be spread among whoever want to receive it. The internet has help a lot. Enjoying enlightenment for lots of reasons. Mostly because I was destined to find my twinflame during my awakening, at the early age of We have an amazing life unfolding here, even if most of my plans are made for our carnation together. But I guess tolerance is an area I need to strengthen.

    Disappointed to admit that I smerk at people making stupid decisions about their own character. Also finding myself a little too excited about the idea of moving on, especially as far as my twinflame is concerned. Calm down, slow down, take a breath, and make a continuous decision to make a difference. Not gonna lie, very overwhelming…. Remember that anything you see in them is a reflection of where that piece of your Divine Soul is currently at. You must have experienced similar lives in the past and obviously became aware at a young age.

    Because they are YOU. And when you realize that I am you, then there is nothing but love for the journey that I am on in each and every one of you. And that is the true moment of awakening. It is nothing but love because it is unconditional and understanding of all things and all beings.

    Hi out there all you beautiful people. We need to meet or I need to meet you. Just for a now or two if it is possible somewhere in relative time and geografical location. A proces without imagining, a proces totally apart from my current lifesituation in familylife, three kids, work and relative reality. It has been difficult at times but mostly amazing, joyfull and passionate. Universe or space provide me with unending teachings, love and joy, and all is within my mind. But I tell you; Family is the most effective grounding force, and I have adjusted, so that I get the best from both worlds.

    And this is thruly blissfull. My detachment from the illusionery dream, has providede me with such a clarity, which I bring into everyday situation, at home and at work. Everybody is growing, is happier and feel more freedom. It a joy passing it on. I tell you out there somewhere; if you got it, you should take it in and let go of interlectual understanding, mixed feelings and fear, and let it unfold in your mind. I seriously mean, that we ought to meet each other if possible, and share what we have enters into, just to calm and celebrate the new human reality of infinite freedom.

    Thanks for all you posted. I have enjoyed it very most, but also get sad in my Heart to hear of some of you having trouble finding balance. We should help each other. It is truely bliis and joy. Never ever ending love in the purest form. This is what I liked to share with you, and thanks Adyashanti for the written book, which I have bought, and I am looking foreward to get it by mail. All my love to you out there. Henrik, hello my beautiful brother. So glad to have find someplace to see my sisters and brothers. I am so happy, full of joy. Interesting story really:.

    Had a religion class on my last semester in college which was part of my required courses. I always hated religion and felt like it was causing pain and misery in the world and this was not different. I read all the books but one, wrote all the papers, just to graduate and forget about it. A week after graduation I had this feeling that there is nothing to do anymore and I was over with school forever, however there was this one unread book from the religion class, that I hated, and tried to avoid at all cost.

    I tried to find something to do and even started to look for work but this book would keep coming back into my mind like I was supposed to read it now, not before not later but just about NOW. I read about half of it and stopped. The author was telling about connectedness of everything and for some reason I just felt like checking this hypothesis.

    I looked outside my window with an intention to see this connectedness and for a split moment my eye caught a tree and I felt its energy and its essence being identical to mine, in the next moment after that I felt all thing are identical to me, the next moment I realized it is all identical however all different at the same time and there was no paradox as if its the way things should be. I felt like god was in me and I was in god and I was god but not in a personal kind of way which one sees himself as god but in a way that everything is god and everything is one.

    The next moment brought a feeling that everything is everything and nothing at the same time and suddenly I felt that what I always thought to be true was false. I suddenly saw my identity shifts from the me and I was witnessing myself from the side as if I was no longer this body or mind or emotions but just that witnessing presence. The room was filled with light even though the windows had a heavy covering and there was a sound in my head which sounded like waves breaking on the shore without ever stopping. After a few more minutes the sound became a little to much and I wished for it to stop and it did quite quickly.

    I had a true shift in identity and I knew this was some kind of end and a beginning of something else but I never heard of spiritual awakening and never even knew what spirituality was before that. I was wondering what had happened to me and how will this affect me. The next few years were very interesting as I slowly started to notice things about myself and others that I have not noticed before. Every time someone was jealous, sad, happy, mad, you name it, I saw it as if I was witnessing a car passing by. This is still going on, however on a smaller scale as it became a natural way of being and viewing the world and people around me.

    At times I do feel like I am almost done here and I am about to die which I have become very ok with btw since everything in reality is eternal. Just felt like sharing my story, it is ultimately very personal for everyone and you can feel all I have described or nothing of it and everything in between, while there can be infinite realizations and forms of the same one reality which is all one at the core. DS — this was a few years ago for you but I wanted you to know that I am in the same stage now. Luckily I was able to fully integrate my awakening with my family and work life and not lose my family or children, and am as busy as family life can provide.

    Where I used to have a forceful business drive, it is gone. My passions for travel and experience have faded as well. Before my awakening, I was sometimes depressed, but this is different. I continue reading, meditating and staying present, hopeful that the path forward will soon reveal itself. This is also how I experience Self after my awakening from a Golden Light entering my mind. Oneness dawned on me in the Light and expanded further afterwards. Awakening for me has been torture, like an exorcism. Absolutely horrific. I no longer have aspirations, dreams are fading.

    I find that I no longer have drive or effort other than to do basic chores. This used to be horrifying to ego but there seems to be an acceptance of a less active life now. I avoid people at all costs. Ego used to tell me this was wrong but I realised nothing matters. So I go about my day quietly as possible and am only interested in Silence. The rest is like moving shadows, like nothing is ever really happening except Me just being still. Last year I had experienced a nonduel awakening after a tramatic event. I started to get into trasdential meditations. After some time I woke up to a reality beyond myself.

    I could not tell myself from anything around myself, the entire framework of existence had collapsed around and inside. This lasted about two months in physical time, but from the medephysical, time was eternal, never beginning and never ending. Although there was this knowing, and still is deep down, the last year since has been the hardest experience ever.

    This gives hope to know that this experience of waking up, then like adya states the shutter closes. It helps in not feeling alone even if we have awoke before, or are awakening for the first time, that no one is alone in this struggle, in this process of awakening to the highest state we can find ourselves in. I pray that whoever we are, and whatever spiritual battles each of us are facing in our own lives, that we find peace in them and are all able to overcome, no matter what walk of life we are from, that we can all accept ourselves and others more, and love deeper in the rough periods of life.

    I was in the same place you are in, this book pulled me out of it. Chris, I feel your pain. Your words summed up exactly what I too am going through. So where does it all lead to? Have you found any insight? First off, i would like to wish everyone a blessed holiday season, hope god is helping so many of us through our troubles, and that the spirit is touching those of us in termoil.

    I undertake the training rule to abstain from killing. I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking what is not given. I undertake the training rule to avoid sexual misconduct. I undertake the training rule to abstain from false speech. I undertake the training rule to abstain from fermented drink that causes heedlessness. I had an awakening in , and it has changed my life in greater and positive ways.

    When I say awakening I mean also being able to communicate with Spirit and others. I work with people as a Social Worker, so it has brought a greater insite to me and in more human ways I can share the loving wisdom with others in simpler ways so love of God can also bring faith and hope into the lives of others.

    However, I can say that it has not been an easy journey, trying to please your own desires of spirituality and to live in an average human life, while working, caring for family-home, etc… But, it has been a blessing. I do understand that it is just not an awakening, but one constantly has to further their own self and seek to receive.

    For those people who had a spiritual awakening of the soul, I recommend working with people where it allows you to pass on the loving feeling and greater wisdom towards helping humanity and people around you. God works thru people on earth also. I would LOVE to chat with you..

    Please feel free to contact me via email banksgeraldine1 gmail. I acknowledge and respect the efforts made over here to provide some guidance for people after waking up. What I have learned myself, is that this awakening is pushing your mind to transcend duality, and the continuous need to define and judge your own experiences. We are all little miracles, created separately with our own beautiful talents and gifts, often dreams which we have given up during our childhood.

    When you seriously take the time to look back on your own life history, you will find several dots lighting up, which now can easily be connected, as a route that was destined to lead you to where you have arrived now. It is very much an awakening to the miracle of who YOU are as in individual, and a call to realise your own sovereignty over your own being, which has essentially been given to you at birth. I believe this applies especially to those of us who have never really created any boundaries between the self and the collective: people who have always given unconditionally, but never learned to receive….

    For these people, it is essential to understand that this awakening is teaching you to develop an inner sense of unconditional love for every aspect of yourself, and to awaken a good sense of confidence and love from within. In this sense, you will be tested on your inner integrity: are you living what you truely feel inside? That may very well mean that you want to put them out of your life for a while.

    Things you would not tolerate to be done to others, are things you should not tolerate to be done to yourself either. It is what makes you feel balanced within. You will notice that, after a given amount of time, this inner love for yourself — including the heaviness of the journey — will allow you once again to feel compassionate and understanding towards other people. In this way, the individual consciousness can perfectly coexist with the collective consciousness, as it is meant to be.

    You will become more gentle and wiser, and patient, towards yourself and towards others. Accepting the nature of life, its darkness and its light, its tears and its laughter, its winter and its summer, without needing to change that nature, was — to me at least — the essence of the experience. But once again: this can be very different for every single person, and I believe that is how it is meant to be. You cannot force your heart to unfeel what it feels, your heart is not to be directed by your mind. And above all: just accept that sometimes suffering needs time and patience to fade away, and that it invites us to nurture our broken hearts and sit with that pain, for it is an essential part of who you are.

    And it will NOT kill you, you will not need to be hospitalized or end up lost. Sarah… Thank you for sharing this. You have no idea how on point this was for me. Thank you. As humans, we are both one with THAT and separate from it in this illusionary duality form. A difficult and extreme process to say the least, it still is as I travel this road. Breathwork for releasing any and all stuck energy, mental or physical. It takes you out of the mental constructs of possibilities and story lines, allowing us profound insights and deeper experiences of the true reality seemingly experienced slightly different by each , after a true awakening experience, healings and processing of old patterns seem to happen much quicker if you let the emotions flow freely and let the body move in all the unusual ways it wants to during a breathwork session!!!

    A great practice to reset ourselves in our natural states: freedom from tension, fear, anxiety. Thank you for posting this article. I think it is very important to let people who are going through the process know what to expect. The more difficult part is the dark night of the soul. For me this happened after the euphoria that lasted for three months. What a shock! Two absolute extremes. From bliss to abyss. From being totally in love with my creator, to being totally disconnected from her.

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    From seeing things clearly, to there being no point to anything. That is, I am not paralysed anymore. I can safely say that I have experienced all three levels of pain. They are all excruciatingly heavy. I can also say that I have experienced all three levels of bliss. Which brings me to the following question:. I was a seeker for 20 years. Somewhere in between the extremes I felt a deep sense of peace. I love peace. Having experienced what you have, I believe there has to be a catalyst to enter the dark night-usually tragic as in my case, although that can be relative-and then once in, the only way out is through the attendant pain.

    Although the contrast was shocking, I would say you are profounding blessed and must be in tune with your emotions and the signals you receive. You heard and heeded the call to take the journey to the other side-to know yourself fully in all your faults and all your glory. Up until my healing, I was totally in denial and living out my ideal life-which was anything but ideal but the point is I was trying-through fantasy as there had been so much abuse in my life I dissociated. I, in effect, had become my own abuser.

    When it happens is never comfortable, but I can attest to the living hell of not being spiritually and mentally conguent for years on end. You were and are blessed! I have been awakened and I love it! It not only changed my life but it radiates out to my loved ones and all that I have contact with. I disagree a ton in this article. I find it and the responses to be quite negative. I believe I am a work in progress and I refuse to look at this negatively. I am so very blessed and I a going to do great things.. Huge things.. I agree with you Kathy.

    I had my awakening 18 years ago and it was the best thing ever — peace, joy, love and acceptance for everyone and myself, understanding how simple our life is, feeling one with everything, but at the same time really knowing who I am for the first time. All this had incredible effect on everyone around me, I was like a magnet for people, I made many new friends, even the ones that disliked me in the past became very friendly. With awakening comes incredible compassion for people and acceptance of any life situation, so negativity simply ceases to exist.

    Reality is An Illusion, and the Truth is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Covival

    I felt like the whole universe was supporting my new life and helping all my dreams come true. I wish everyone could feel like this one day, as it is really amazing! Thank You All for Everything. Thanks Everyone. I have always been a spiritual person but right now I am finding it hard to cope in every day life, i find it hard to continue with life responsibilities and I feel like I am going simply insane. I have been meditating every single night, receiving hypnotherapy and I am due to have reiki on monday. I want to feel more grounded, I have an urge to wake up early every morning but I am overwhelmed by fear and anxiety with what is happening to me and I have diarrhea every morning and a complete loss of appetite.

    I have felt this bad for just over a week now although it has felt longer, I have also broke away from my current partney as he does not understand my situation and I can sense a lot of negativity around him.. Does this seem strange to anyone? Sometimes during the day i will feel completely happy and at peace with myself, then the fear kicks in which leads to panic attacks.

    Please believe me when I say you will come through it. In the meantime, rest as much as you need to, stop kicking and screaming and give in to what is happening, accept it is necessary and you are healing and will heal. Go with the flow as much as you can, know that spirit is completely protecting you at this time and although you feel alone you are not, you are surrounded by angels always.

    You are right that no one understands you and they think your loopy, that is fine. Stop trying to convince them otherwise, it makes you hurt more. You will get through no matter how dark it gets, you will begin to even out and the light will be there. Remember the light is already in you shining brightly and one day you will be able to let it shine xx. Its just what I needed to hear.. Just unable to surface.. Just feels so good to hear those words from a kindred soul! Thank you o much…. Sounds like to me you need some time in nature. Away from everything. I felt lost and crazy at one point. I sold everything I owned.

    Packed up all my belongings and went hitch hiking for five years. It was the only thing that saved my sanity. The only time I ever truly was completely content and happy. And do it alone. Good luck. I send my positive vibes and love. Hello Alexander, I lay desparate on the bed right now reading your commentand I swear I am going through the exact situation you are now. I had the awakening expirience in December last year and for the next three — four month i had the best expirience of my life. Radiant colors, beautiful sounds amd all that.

    The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)
    The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)
    The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)
    The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)
    The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)
    The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)
    The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)
    The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) The Magic of Self-Respect: Awakening to your Own Awareness (Authentic Living)

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