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Nightwing Vol. 1 (Rebirth) by Tim Seeley - Penguin Books Australia

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Dick had spotted Tony Zucco threatening C. His parents fell to their deaths when the ropes on the trapeze snapped. Afterward, Dick took back the bloodied bracelet he gave his mother, and cried. Millionaire Bruce Wayne, who had witnessed the events from the audience, came to him, and gave his condolences. Dick could see that there was something haunting Bruce that kept him from being the stereotypical playboy.

The man ground his teeth, and suffered from a tension headache that made his eyes twitch. With no family left to look after him as he was a material witness to Zucco's crime, Bruce offered to take him in at the Wayne Care Center. Though Dick had convinced his caretakers that he was doing well in dealing with his loss, secretly searching for Zucco under the guise of playing video games, and searching the darkened streets of Gotham City while pretending to be in his room reading.

He felt that it was his responsibility to find Zucco, because he blamed himself for failing to speak out about what he saw. On his fourth night of running the streets, Dick spotted the Batman in the midst of a fight with several gunmen.

One of them had grabbed a hostage, and instinctively, Dick knew he could help; knew he should help. He jumped from a nearby roof, and kicked the gunman aside. He made an acrobatic escape, but the Batman caught up with him.

Nightwing #1 "Better Than Batman Part One" Recap/Review

When he saw the vigilante's face, he recognized the same facial tics that he had seen in Bruce Wayne; a tension headache, gritting his teeth, twitching eyes. Eventually, Dick had done a search to see what might have made Bruce the way he is, and discovered the man's tragic past. Dick continued to go out looking for Zucco, and every night, Batman had been there to help him fight. They never talked about what he was doing, and Batman never told him to stop - probably because he knew that regardless, Dick wouldn't be able to stop. Eventually, though, Batman decided to show Dick to the Batcave.

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He had blindfolded the boy, and brought him inside. Aware that Dick would stop at nothing to find Zucco, Batman asked only what the boy planned to do when he found him. Finally Dick admitted that he was aware that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same, and explained that he had no intention of killing Tony Zucco.

He and Bruce were the same, and wanted the same thing: justice. If Batman would let him fight for it, he would. Though Alfred Pennyworth adamantly disagreed with the decision to let Dick into the Batman's world, the boy was trained, and allowed to act as support, using the computers in the Batcave. Eventually, though, Dick began to realize that his efforts had stopped being about his parents.

New 52 – Nightwing #1 review

This worried him, and he asked Alfred whether the fact that he no longer treated his parents death as more memorable than the lives that they lived. Bruce seemed to dedicate every aspect of his life to the memory of his parents; to the memory of their deaths. Alfred responded that Dick's ability to move forward was not callous, it was a way of healing and accepting the things that change.

He explained that moving on and forgetting are different things, and that it is better to celebrate someone's life than to be driven by the way they died.

Nightwing #1 Nightwing #1
Nightwing #1 Nightwing #1
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Nightwing #1 Nightwing #1
Nightwing #1 Nightwing #1
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