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Wendy gets high for the 2nd show I watch her dance and I watch her flow for a dollar She dreams of Vegas and the desert strips Where she can dance and she can make a lot of money She left her home in a pick-up truck Left her husband when he beat her up And now she works all night But the Kansas wind won't freeze her heart No, the rain just rolls right off her back She's gonna be alright. Just tell me 'bout the boulevards Tell me 'bout your life in art Yeah, tell me 'bout the boulevards Because Europe always seemed so far.

My Life in Art by Stanislavsky

You look so young and you talk so old Listen up, babe, I just might take you home if you're lucky You read some books and they broke your heart But you don't know one thing about life You're just a pretty boy And these bums on the corner will take your time Sell you their stories for a nickel and a dime You could learn something And she stares so hard at those neon lights I swear to god she's gonna bust them up She's gonna bust them up.

She laughs as she lights a cigarette Throws her arms around my neck She says: I'll kill you I'll kill you just for trying 'Cause you don't even have the money You don't have the money Just buy me a drink and we'll call it quits Tell me all about your pretty boy face.

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The day I was there it was the perfect autumn scene. A warm sunlit Central Park surrounded us.

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On the horizon were the fine houses of Upper West Side. To the south, the trees majestically morphed into skyscrapers, as park becomes city. There's a glorious feeling of space and beauty, a sense of utopia — man and nature in perfect harmony.

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Except you can't quite escape a sense of the menace of the city, its raucousness carried within the rustle of the trees. The adrenaline rush of seeing such perfection is tinged with the knowledge that it isn't quite real. It might seem that you have escaped to a better place but all the time, just below the surface, you know that you haven't.

It is an unrealisable dream: a cop-out from living in the present. Although the work wasn't made specifically for the space, it somehow felt to me as if it had been. Koons might tell us that Balloon Dog is only there to make us happy, that it is a "celebration", but I don't believe him. Koons knows his Freud and understands the tricks our minds play, both conscious and unconscious. By making a massive, surreal dog — sunny, supposedly innocent, something that you can't fail to like — Koons knows that it will start to play with your insecurities.

He knows what I know — that Balloon Dog won't make me happy.

My Life in Art: Marina Abramovic

And while I also know that it's made of stainless steel, I can't quite escape my irrational childhood fear that at any moment, it could burst. Topics Jeff Koons My life in art. Art Animals Sculpture. Reuse this content. Most popular.


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My Life In Art My Life In Art
My Life In Art My Life In Art
My Life In Art My Life In Art
My Life In Art My Life In Art
My Life In Art My Life In Art
My Life In Art My Life In Art
My Life In Art My Life In Art
My Life In Art My Life In Art

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