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Matt Nish-Lapidus. Ben Worth. Michael Hetrick. Patrick Blackburn. Michael Upton. Weird Ear Records. Craig Dunsmuir. Tony Obr. Brian Jones. Thorsten Vieth.

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Cave Recordings. Steven Hamann.

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Jordanian scholar lectures on use of muqarnas in Islamic architecture

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Dan Derks. Purchasable with gift card. As their structural importance decreased and complexity increased, these modules began to be constructed with plaster casts mounted on wooden frames, allowing for precise construction that was cheaper and faster. Modules could be composed of flat or curved surfaces and arranged in an infinite variety of patterns.

They were also often decorated with carved or tiled patterns to make them even more awe-inspiring. The muqarnas is a triumph of Islamic geometry and design, and can be found in most parts of the Islamic world. This incredible element took full advantage of the most sophisticated mathematics and engineering to create a masterpiece of architectural decoration that continues to baffle and inspire onlookers to this day.

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All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Built Mamluk era , renovated Muqarnas above the main gate. Ancient and medieval craftsmen learned to achieve breathtaking results by applying three-dimensional geometric patterns to the underside of domes, half-domes, and vaults.

Muqarnas Domes and Cornices in the Maghreb and Andalusia

Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain. Converted and expanded by Nasrid Dynasy, 13th century CE. Badawy — via flickr. Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul. Completed to designs by Sinan. Detail of portal with muqarnas above. Detail of muqarnas. Manial Palace mosque in Cairo, Egypt, completed Detail of the arched iwan portal with muqarnas, patterns and calligraphy.

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Detail of muqarnas above gateway. Main entrance portal iwan. Entrance portal with muqarnas in the side niches. Follow Us On Linkedin.

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Muqarnas, Muqarnas,
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