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Picking the right search terms

Can older children work out what is happening when you add OR? Using a subject directory search. Subject directories allow you to drill down and narrow your search stage by stage. Good for when you are not sure what you are looking for. Web searches were all directories once.

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Yahoo Directory is the best large scale directory to use. Note that you can change the popularity order to alphabetical order. Kids Click is a more limited version of this. In a directory there are always branches that would take you into sexuality.

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I think it is worth drawing attention to this and discussing it before using the directory. Use Yahoo Directory to drill through and find sites relevant to your topic. Can your pupils do the same? What advantages are there in using this method of searching? You could directly compare this method with word searches side by side.

Who can retrieve information first? Are there any advantages to using a directory? Knowing that some results are sponsored. Understanding that sponsored results are paid for and not necessarily the most linked to or useful.

Research Skills: Google/Internet searching

Try searching for simple things. Look at the sponsored results. Do they match your search? Can you write a search where the results have no sponsored links? Using the advanced search options in Google. Searching in UK only. How old the page is. Other advanced search features Google Advanced Search. Naming your sources. Avoiding quoting things without saying where it came from including the web address reference.

Left click once anywhere in the address bar. Right click and copy. Paste into your own work either within the work or as a numbered footnote. If web research is part of a bigger project or outcome then naming sources is important. Worth linking this with Bias and Authority issues. Finding physical places with Google Maps and Google Streetview. Postcodes, Navigation, Different views map or satellite. Google Maps. Google Maps Video Help Files. Google maps could have its own dedicated module. Collecting joint research in Google docs or spreadsheet. Create a Google spread sheet or Google Doc and share it with your class so that research can be collated in one place.

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Best to create 3 or 4 Google Docs and share children between them or create one spread sheet. Use tables to create areas for the children to insert work in the Docs or give each child a row in the spreadsheet. Examples of this in a blog post. This really suits subjects that could have a very varied wide outcome such as what forms of pollution are there or Roman Britain. Why was the site created? Who created it? Was it someone neutral, or was it someone who wanted to send a specific message?

What was that astronomical evidence? El Dorado is near a famous hill that's not on Earth. What year was it photographed? This is a close-up photo of the heaviest boneless animal. What gives the skin its slightly yellowish tinge? I am Hawaiian and have a conservation status of CR. My cousin, also a CR, is Mediterranean. Our cousin is named for eating crab, which surprisingly enough, is not on our cousin's diet! He does, however, have an LC status.

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Where does he live? Where exactly did they move from? What animal lives in the Yangtze River and is represented by its own rare Xingyiquan form? This member of Lepidoptera increases its weight by 10, fold in approximately a fortnight. What is it commonly referred to as?

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  8. I am a blue triplet lily that grows from a corm. Some call me a grassnut, but my common name is that of an angel. What is my common name? There's a particular kind of bird that's often used to go fishing. It typically perches with its wings spread out wide. Why does it do that?

    While quietly standing at sea level, you are suddenly whacked on the ankle with a guitar. Did you hear it or feel it first? Search Education Skip to content. Home Lesson Plans Live Trainings. Lesson Plans With more and more of the world's content online, it is critical that students understand how to effectively use web search to find quality sources appropriate to their task. Additional information: Lesson Overview Lesson Plan Map Picking the right search terms Beginner Pick the best words to use in academic searching, whether students are beginning with a full question or a topic of just a few words.

    Intermediate Identify unique search terms to locate targeted sources and to use "context terms" to uncover appropriate evidence. Advanced Explore "firm" and "soft" search terms, and practice using context terms to locate subject-specific collections of information on the web. Beginner Learn about the different parts of the results page, and about how to evaluate individual results based on cues like web addresses and snippets.

    Intermediate Use the results page to check the quality of a search process, and explore specific strategies students can use to improve their searches and their results. Advanced Engage additional search strategies, such as generalization and specialization. Beginner Apply filtering tools and basic "operators" to narrow search results. Intermediate Explore filters and additional operators to find new ways to narrow their results. Advanced Compare results for basic searches with ones that use operators to discover the impact the right operator has at the right time.

    Beginner Draw stronger terms from preliminary search results, identify evidence, and explore using various media to locate specific types of evidence. Intermediate Investigate different page formats blogs, news articles, wikis, etc , and how to identify the right format for the type of information students are seeking. Advanced Examine Google Scholar, and learn how to find specific collections of information that will contain the best evidence for students' research task.

    Beginner Consider, tone, style, audience, and purpose to determine the credibility of a source. Intermediate Consider, tone, style, audience, and purpose to determine the credibility of a source. Advanced Track information to a reasonable source and recognize and consider the impact of bias in assessing the credibility of information. Culture If you came home from a trip with South African rand, Kuwaiti dinars and Japanese yen, how much would you have in U.

    Culture My route is marked by the shells of scallops, a journey that thousands take each year to a cathedral in my honor, deep in the heart of Galicia. Culture A branch of the U. Culture The three-lobed leaves of a tall tree are powdered and used in a traditional New Orleans dish, and the bark is the traditional flavoring for a soft drink. Culture In Russian churches the number of domes usually matches the number of altars. Culture The column style used for this Greek temple completed in BCE was borrowed from which ancient civilization?

    Culture Every national flag in the world shares a common geometric characteristic, except for one country. Culture If you consecutively slept one night in each room excluding bathrooms of the Palace of the Light of Faith, how many years would it take you to sleep in them all? Culture If a man has two swallows tattooed on his chest, how many inches has he sailed? Culture A Viking was the first to photograph us, but our existence was foretold in literature by a Swift astronomer. Culture I am the son of a glove maker.

    Geography How long is the river bordering the two countries that once were home to the Hamangia? Geography If you were a ferry passenger traveling from Continental Europe to the country with twice as many sheep as people, in what town would you most likely dock? Geography You live next to the Cam. Geography What acoustic instrument was invented on this island country near the coast of South America? Geography What colors are the flags in Lupa on July 2 and August 16? Geography If you came home from a trip with South African rand, Kuwaiti dinars and Japanese yen, how much would you have in U.

    Activity Before class, ask teachers of several different subjects for questions that they have asked or will ask students to research on the Internet. Alternatively, collect from students their own research questions — for another class or for a personal project, like I-Search. Be sure that the questions are sufficiently open-ended so that they cannot be answered definitively with a quick, simple search — they might contain an element of opinion or interpretation, rather than just be a matter of simple fact.

    Put the class into pairs, and provide each pair with the following multipart task:. Provide pairs with the following resources to research their assigned topics. Let them know that these are starting points, and that they may use additional resources. When pairs have completed their research, bring the class together and invite pairs to share their stories. Then tell them that they will use their notes to create a page for a class guide, in booklet or wiki form, on how to use Internet search engines effectively for research, to be made available to the school community to help other students.

    Then hold a class discussion on advertising and commercial interests on the Internet. If students are using the Internet to complete their homework, are schools requiring students to expose themselves to corporate advertisements in order to succeed academically? Do any ethical questions arise around the prevalence of corporate advertising in Web searching for academic purposes? Technology 2. Knows the characteristics and uses of computer software programs.

    Understands the relationships among science, technology, society and the individual. Language Arts 1. Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies of the writing process. Gathers and uses information for research purposes.

    15 Ways to Search Google 96% of People Don’t Know About

    Uses reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a variety of informational texts. Life Work 2. Uses various information sources, including those of a technical nature, to accomplish specific tasks. Google has always been my favorite search engine when looking up information on essays, homework, etc.

    But just how reliable is the internet. When I write formal essays for classes, teachers always say that we may not use Wikipedia as a source. But really that goes for any site. Just about anyone can create a website with false information on it. So how can you develop better internet searching skills? Usually when I do research for any type of assignment, I search at multiple websites. Ask a librarian to help you select the correct databases.

    Internet Research with Google Internet Research with Google
    Internet Research with Google Internet Research with Google
    Internet Research with Google Internet Research with Google
    Internet Research with Google Internet Research with Google
    Internet Research with Google Internet Research with Google
    Internet Research with Google Internet Research with Google
    Internet Research with Google Internet Research with Google
    Internet Research with Google Internet Research with Google

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