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The horses picked off the French equine scrap-heap and the dog was trying to understand what he was doing he was there, astride a horse. Gallard, Babette Riding the Roman Way.

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Pilgrimage Publications. Plataforma Editorial. The Alban Institute. Author Tim Geoffrion writes in One Step at a Time not about his own journey but about how God works in those who seek to be led by the Spirit. Using pilgrimage as a metaphor for the Spirit-led life, he offers his experiences, thoughts and reflections as a catalyst for the reader's own spiritual pilgrimage. Geoffrion has written so that readers can learn to recognize God's activity in our lives, to live more fully in God's love, to follow Jesus Christ according to our unique calling and purpose, and to let the Holy Spirit fill and lead us in every aspect of the journey.

An old man's pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, seeking to reconcile the old with the new, and wealth with poverty. Harman, Lesley D. Ursus Press. Sociology meets New Age Mysticism. The author weaves a tale of the connections between embodiment, material attachment, community, fear, family, faith, time, nature, altered states of consciousness and healing.

The journey progresses from the physical and material into another space, a mystical horizon of time traveling, spiritual transformation and healing. Harrison, Kathryn Road to Santiago. National Geographic. More memoir than travelogue, Harrison's contribution to National Geographic's Directions series is reflective and deeply personal, yet still manages to recreate a physical place in all its rugged, peaceful glory. On the first night of their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, Harrison and her daughter checked into a picturesque hotel.

Overcome by the scenic beauty, Harrison threw open the hotel-room window shutters and exclaimed, "Look at the mountains! Michigan State University Press. In the summer of , David Hlavsa and his wife embarked on a pilgrimage. After trying for three years to conceive a child and suffering through the monthly cycle of hope and disappointment, they decided to walk the Camino, a joint enterprise—and an act of faith—they hoped would strengthen their marriage and prepare them for parenthood.

Though walking across the north of Spain turned out to be more difficult than they had anticipated, after a series of misadventures, including a brief stay in a Spanish hospital, they arrived in Santiago.

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. It struck her as a unique way to organize and share a flood of information and impressions. The stories range from funny to thoughtful to moving. As well, they provide the reader with advice and practical knowledge about the Camino. Barefoot Holdings Ltd.

Behind the Albergue Door is a seriously tongue-in-cheek starting place for anyone considering hiking the Camino, sure to bring back memories, both good and not so good for those who have already traveled it, and a riotous travel chronicle for everyone else. Mountaineers Books. In April , Beth and Eric Jusino walked out of a cathedral in the village of Le Puy, France, down a cobblestone street and turned west.

Seventy-nine days, a thousand miles, two countries, two mountain ranges and three pairs of shoes later, they reached the Atlantic Ocean. It turned out to be harder that she thought. Walking to the End of the World is a warm-hearted and engaging story about an average couple going on an adventure together, tracing ancient paths, paths that continue to reveal surprises to us today.

Kay, Susanita Pilgrims and Fairies. Susanita Kay, pub. Author Susanita Kay writes: "Growing up I was told a story about men who wore long brown dresses and walked with long sticks while carrying sea-shells in their pockets. The sea-shells, was said to be so that they could hold them against their ears and hear when someone was in trouble and needed their help. They would then just point the long sticks that they were walking with in the direction of the trouble and all would be well. I hope that this book about my Camino will let you look at those tucked away dreams with the intention of letting them out in the light.

This book is also about gratitude for everything expected and unexpected, and for long forgotten memories that surfaced in strange and memorable places, with a glass of red wine or a warm cup of coffee in hand. Liturgical Press. Author Rosanne Keller considers pilgrimage to be a mindful journey to encounter, explore and become aware of the sacred. In this book, she takes us to pilgrimage sites as well as to sacred places close at hand. In the introduction she states: "This book is about pilgrim's spirit, discovered in the act of pilgrimage.

Kenney, Sue Confessions of a Pilgrim. Pilgrim, inspirational speaker, documentary filmmaker and Canadian author Sue Kenney returns to the Camino to walk some kilometers alone on the Portuguese Route. Prior to leaving, she is entrusted with a sacred Eagle Feather that is given to her by a Native friend as a result of a vivid dream. Her pilgrimage turns into a mystical quest when she is confronted with the challenge of finding a worthy recipient for this great honor before returning back home. Scribe Publications Pty Ltd. Filled with fascinating observations and anecdotes about the nature of contemporary Spain, author Tony Kevin, an overweight year-old former diplomat, relates his eight-week trek across Spain.

Capturing the flavor of both the past and present experiences of walking the Camino, this chronicle depicts the concept of pilgrimage as not only having the potential to unlock hidden memory and conscience but also as a meditation on the nature of modern life. In addition to cultural and spiritual discussions, this diverse exploration also offers practical advice for would-be pilgrims—from packing and training to walking techniques and navigation.

Free Press. Hape Kerkeling is possibly the best-known entertainer in Germany. In , in a spontaneous reaction to a severe mid-life crisis he more or less simply picked up and headed out on the Camino. This book is the product of his experience.

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Determined to avoid devout pilgrims — because, he writes, they would be no different at the end of the journey than they were at the start — Mr. Kerkeling instead encounters an array of tourists, oddballs and adventurers, eventually making what will probably prove to be lifelong connections with a few. Kirkpatrick, Julie The Camino Letters. Pyxis Press. When Canadian lawyer and writer Julie Kirkpatrick went for a long walk in Spain with her teenaged daughter, she asked her friends to supply 26 tasks for the pilgrimage. The tasks came as unexpected gifts, and what began as a light-hearted diversion became a journey into the labyrinth of her life.

Available through Pyxis Press. Koontz, Kurt A Million Steps. Kurt Koontz publisher. Author Kurt Koontz thought he was well prepared for his walking trip on the Camino. But all of his preparation did not begin to encompass the scope of his external or internal adventure. Part diary, part travelogue, in A Million Steps Koontz navigates through his personal history of addiction, recovery and love.

He describes embracing the beauty of the countryside and connections with other pilgrims from around the world. Paraclete Press. When author Larson and his wife Evie embarked on a mile pilgrimage across northern Spain, their purpose was to experience walking as a way of keeping company with Jesus and his companions, of both earth and heaven, such as Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Larson invites you to step off the treadmill of self-effort in your quest to experience God more intimately through the spiritual practice of walking, literally, with God.

Lash, Jennifer On Pilgrimage. Bloomsbury USA. Author Maureen Lauran planned to sketch her way along the Camino de Santiago. On break from her duties as art teacher, she set out to walk the mile trek hoping for great vistas, delicious wines and crusty breads, and conviviality with other travelers. Drawing her way through quaint villages, beautiful cathedrals, along meandering rivers and across ancient bridges she encountered all of those things… and something more.

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SoPo Press. Every year, more than a quarter million pilgrims from all over the world walk the Camino de Santiago. Her daily musings and watercolor sketches capture her experiences—the villages, the food, the wines, the friendships and the sights and sounds of northern Spain. Over original watercolors. Riverhead Hardcover. Described as being irreverent, moving, hilarious and thought-provoking, A Sense of Direction is Lewis-Kraus's take on the perpetual war between discipline and desire, and its attendant casualties.

Across three pilgrimages and many hundreds of miles - the Camino de Santiago, a solo circuit of the eighty-eight Buddhist temples in Japan, and, together with his father and brother, an annual mass migration to the tomb of a famous Hasidic mystic in the Ukraine - he completes an idiosyncratic odyssey to the heart of a family mystery and a human dilemma. This story is about one man's spiritual journey; experiences during just one single day of what was planned to be a day pilgrimage trek.

He meets his Guardian Angel more than once during that day. As she encounters anti-Catholic protesters in Walsingham, England, or shares trail chat and blisters with an impressive multinational array of eccentric comrades on the way to Santiago de Compostela, Mahoney's stated objective is both to understand the nature of belief and to grapple with the remnants of her own Irish Catholic heritage. Studio22 Idea Manufactory.

For those who know of the music of Oliver Schroer, for the Camino community especially his CD of solo violin - he would have said 'fiddle' - music recorded on the Camino, this small book will be an especial delight. Julie Maloney has assembled sayings taken from Schroer's newsletter and inspirational quotes from other sources and has assembled them into a small book written in hand-lettered calligraphy. Markey, Greg J. Roman Catholic Books. Priest-pastor Fr. Greg Markey chronicles the month-long life and times of a pilgrim on the Camino.

His journey — Web-free, phone-free and TV-free — generated an array of spiritual reflections. Markey chose to wear the traditional Roman collar on his journey and, perhaps unsurprisingly, his resulting conversations with other pilgrims were serious, reflective and practical. Reed Press. Martin's Press.


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Moore entertains with his snappy one-liners and skewed views of the locals, his fellow pilgrims and his own reasons for undertaking the camino. Against advice to the contrary, he pursues his search for a donkey to accompany him, which "upgraded his camino from a big walk to a revelatory voyage of self-examination. The author walked the Camino in and was so affected that he returned several years later to do it again. He has written a reflection on the personal, emotional and spiritual experience of pilgrimage in the 21st century.

Pilgrimage is a way of being. The author brings to his narrative a life-long interest in myths, storytelling and healing. This work is addressed not only to pilgrims but also to those who have never walked the Camino and perhaps never will, but who would like to know why others do. I have come to see that our church needs to be ready to relate to people at seven different levels:. What should a church service actually be?

I am in the privileged position to be leading a church that …. I am frustrated that political leaders …. We have now been back in Australia for nine months and it is starting to feel normal again. I am enjoying this year of exploration and dialogue as we explore ….

Books, Personal Accounts and Reflections - American Pilgrims on the Camino

Effects Plugin made by Ares Download. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Christmas is both the most wonderful, and also the most dreadful time of the year. The first Christmas morning introduced a completely new narrative. I have come to see that our church needs to be ready to relate to people at seven different levels: Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on LinkedIn Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window.

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A must-read for all advocates of social change! And in the same breath she explores the possible paths for lasting change in our social organization. A lucid read filled with hope.

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Fear (Family Reflections Book 1) Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)
Fear (Family Reflections Book 1) Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)
Fear (Family Reflections Book 1) Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)
Fear (Family Reflections Book 1) Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)
Fear (Family Reflections Book 1) Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)
Fear (Family Reflections Book 1) Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)
Fear (Family Reflections Book 1) Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)
Fear (Family Reflections Book 1) Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)
Fear (Family Reflections Book 1)

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